Confidential: For Your Eyes Only

How You Can Get Rich With "Insider Information"—Legally—Even During the Covid Crisis

Discover the hidden market where an ambitious investor with access to non-public "insider information" turned $736 into $43,500 in just two years!

You'll be shocked at the easy profits YOU could make in a very short period of time.

Dear Roving Real Estate Investor Reader,

Gain access to a 100% safe, legal treasure trove of "insider information."

This is a personal invitation just for you. Please keep what I tell you secret, because the contents of this communiqué are confidential.

Your name has been chosen from a select group of readers to gain access to a 100% safe, legal treasure trove of "insider information."

Non-public information you could use to balloon your bank account…and make tens…even hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra income this year—despite today's turbulent markets.

You see, when it comes to making life-changing amounts of money, it's the fat cat "insiders" that always get in early…and always get out with millions in the bank.

Unfortunately—getting in early is impossible for most investors. It's not fair. But you simply NEVER get the "insider information" you need early enough.

As soon as you hear about a "hot stock" or a "special deal"—you're already too late…

Which is why I'm speaking with you today. You see…there's a simple way to make A LOT of money with the "insiders" in one ignored global asset class.

And you could do it…without even touching stocks or options. Without touching bonds…And definitely without bending any law.

In fact, at least 29 billionaires on the Forbes 400 list used what I'll reveal in this presentation to make their fortunes.

Economist and multimillionaire investor Bill Bonner calls this "one of the least explored, the least-understood and the most promising asset classes in the world."

Now, most financial advisors won't EVER give you access to this elite network of "insider information." If they even know about it…they're probably keeping it to themselves.

Most mainstream investment advisors are CLUELESS about what I'm going to show you today.

Yet this could be the safest and easiest way to generate thousands in additional cash. Just to be clear, I'm not promising millions overnight.

But that said…this network of "insider information" could safely hand you $43,500 at a time. Maybe much more…I'll show you how I did this myself in a just a moment.

But first, what would you do with that kind of extra money?

I bet you'd retire early…maybe five or ten years earlier than planned.

You'd definitely take longer vacations, once we can travel freely again…maybe you'd relax in the sun at a ritzy resort town in the South of France.

Or maybe you'd fly first-class to Australia. And enjoy a Vivaldi opera at the glamorous Sydney Opera House. Maybe you'd take your kids and grandkids along with you…

I imagine you'd pay off your mortgage early…your credit card bills too…and enjoy the freedom of living debt-free.

Forget about bills, healthcare costs, the price of your kids' education. You could sleep soundly at night knowing your nest egg is safe—and growing.

With thousands more in your bank account, those everyday worries disappear.

So how can you access this network of non-public "insider information" and position yourself for potential profits?


It's a secret I've been using with tremendous success for over a decade now.

If you're tired of fat cat insiders getting in early and turning themselves into millionaires and billionaires…practically overnight…

And you want to beat them at their own game—in a way that's safe and straight up—you'll benefit from this special invitation…

But first, let me show you how I recently used the kind of "insider information" I'm talking about here to increase my personal wealth. And you decide if you'd like to join me in the next opportunity…

How to Turn $736 into $43,500—FAST

Back in 2008, I'd been tracking a small corner of a little-known Brazilian market. A corner that American and Canadian investors had ignored for years…

In a small corner of this little-known Brazil market, I made a $43,500 profit on an initial investment of just $736!

I had a hunch this market could make me a lot of money. But I don't invest on hunches. I prefer facts…facts that only "insider information" and years of investing experience provides.

Protecting my money is my #1 priority.

So I called up my contacts in Brazil and arranged a closed-door meeting. I booked my airfare and jetted down to meet with them face to face.

I can't share the details about who these men were. Not yet. But the meeting was very discreet. What I can tell you is that following that conversation, I made a small investment. Only $736.

But what happened next played out exactly as planned…like a textbook case study…

My initial $736 investment turned into a $43,500 appreciation in only two-and-a-half years.

I locked down two luxury condos in a beach community in Northeast Brazil for 180,000 Brazilian reais each. I was able to secure that condo with a small down payment of 1% of the condo's value—the equivalent of just $736. I paid small monthly payments of 1%.

The condo was in a prime area, came from a proven developer, and I was confident that it would appreciate in value. The rest of the world—particularly North America and Europe—was hitting crisis, but Brazil was booming.

The weekend I bought my condo, the entire condo community sold out. In a matter of months, before a shovel had broken ground, a buyer offered me 250,000 Brazilian reais. I sold, for a gross profit of $43,500. And I later sold again, while construction was still in progress on my second condo, for an even bigger gain.

An increase of $42,764! And that was just one investment of mine.

Imagine if you had this kind of "insider information" on not just one investment opportunity…but five or ten. The fact is, you could become very wealthy in a short period of time.

Of course, there's more to the story than that. Since I'd invested in a market in Brazil, I benefited from the strong Brazilian currency (at the time). Part of the deal also required me to make other small investments during that two-year period. (More on that in a moment too.)

Before I get to that, I need you to promise that if you join me today, that you'll treat your "insider access" with the utmost discretion.

That's because what I'm about to show you is a very powerful wealth-creation technique…that can balloon your bank account in a safe, low-risk way.

You don't need a lot of money to join us. But you need to be serious about making money—fast. No exceptions.

When you know where to look…and who to talk to…you'll see that these non-public profit plays are everywhere…

For example, years back, I arranged lunch with a confidant in Ireland. We dined in a patio cafe in a medieval abbey in Dublin.

I can't share any details of our conversation with you. Or who this man was.

But using the secrets he shared with me, I made a small investment. Later, I cashed in for $110,000 gain.

Now remember: I'm not touching risky stocks. Bonds. Options. Or anything like that. It's much simpler. And safer. Something YOU can put in motion starting today.

And you can watch this work for you, just as it has for me. Another time, for instance, I met with a connected business colleague in Panama. And my next investment turned a gain of $73,000.

Now remember, everything about these investments is perfectly legal. I need to stress that. Because many people think that using this kind of "insider information" is against the law. It's not. Not in one very special market.

In fact, what I'm describing is responsible for creating more millionaires and billionaires than any other kind of investment or industry. It's always been one of the safest, most profitable ways to create wealth.

So how come you haven't heard of this yet?

Because most people who have access to this "insider information" aren't itching to talk about it to the general public.

So if you're interested in making a potential profit along with me and an extremely small group that has access to non-public "insider information"…please continue reading…

But first, I should introduce myself.

99% of Investors Never See These Deals

My name is Ronan McMahon.

Ronan McMahon

And I guess I'm what you'd call an international dealmaker. Some folks call me a profit hunter. You may have read my reports in International Living magazine. Or met me in person at one of International Living's events.

My specialty has nothing to do with stocks. Nothing to do with bonds. I'm not an options guru. I don't trade currencies. And I've never worked on Wall Street.

I make my money by taking advantage of opportunities most investors never have access to. In up-and-coming markets all over the world.

And that's because the markets I invest in reward people who have "insider information" and a Rolodex of insider connections.

And I just happen to be one of those well-connected insiders.

So put simply, I have a leg up on 99% of other investors! I see incredibly profitable deals most investors never see. And I get "insider" treatment thanks to my network of contacts all around the world.

It's not fair, I know. But that's just the way things are when you invest the way I like to invest.

In the next five minutes, I'm going to show you a way to access this elite little network and get this "insider information" too…

And potentially make yourself a small fortune. I wouldn't be surprised if the deals I'll pass along could make you tens…even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Money you could use to start living a life free of worry…free of stress…and free of money problems that face most Americans right now.

I'm very excited to be sharing this confidential information with you today.

Because as good as the returns have been for me personally—and for my small network—they're nothing compared to the opportunities that lie before us in the months and years ahead.

Let me explain…

The Secret Deals Few Get To See… But Have Made "Insiders" Millions Every Year

You're probably asking yourself: Why does Ronan want to share this information with me? If the returns are so good, why doesn't he make them himself and keep quiet about it?

When you hear the answer you'll understand completely.

You see, I travel the planet in search of deals for my close friends and associates.

And the deals I'm talking about are all in overseas real estate.

In gorgeous, low-cost retirement havens like Costa Rica… Mexico… Panama…

In tropical paradises like the Dominican Republic… Colombia… Belize…and Brazil…

And even some "crisis investing" plays in wonderful European hotspots like Portugal… Spain…and Ireland…

The global economic problems of the past have created incredible opportunities in property markets all around the world. I've been investing. And so have my millionaire friends and the elite group I mentioned earlier.

And we've been taking advantage of what I call non-public "off market" deals.

These are deals not available to the everyday investor. That's why they're my favorite real estate investing technique.

These are special situations, where a real estate developer in a prime world market wants to get a cushion of quick sales under his belt before he launches his project officially and starts selling to the public.

To do that, he's willing to give "off market" deals.

These are secret deals they DON'T WANT to leak out to the public. That's because the normal folks who will buy at full retail prices would be furious at the discounts our group of "insiders" is getting.

In international real estate investing…this is as close to trading "insider information" as you can get.

And it's how I'm able to get in early…and make big profits for myself, my friends, my little elite group…and maybe you too, as a part of this special invitation…

You see, with my insider status, I can get you these discounts.

Since we're a group of buyers interested in making money, I can go to the developer and tell him that we can purchase a significant amount of the developer's inventory.

But we only do this when we're getting a massive discount…like up to 50% off the "retail" price.

In real estate investing, money is made when you BUY, not when you SELL. It's at the time of buying when you set yourself up for future profits.

If you can get in at a low enough price on the right opportunity, it's nearly ensured that you'll be able to make yourself big money in the future. This is what I help you do.

Plus, sometimes a play includes not just capital gains…but strong rental income… funds that can flood our bank accounts with up to double-digit returns while we're sitting on the asset.

So we're doing what the average Joe investor simply has no way of doing. It's very much like being part of an elite investor's group. But unlike the insider trading schemes on Wall Street, profiting this way is completely legal. Safe. And very easy.

So why am I inviting you?

You see, the more people I can find that are interested in these kinds of opportunities, the better terms and prices I can get FOR ALL OF US.

For example, you couldn't contact a developer by yourself and get special pricing, unless you were willing to buy up multiple units…

The developer is going to want full price for one unit.

But if there are five people interested in the same units, he might drop the price 8% or 9%. If 10 people want to buy, he might drop it 10%…

And if 50 people want in, he might slash it 19% to 25% or more…

You get the picture. So that's why I'm inviting a savvy, serious person like you to learn about my next deals…

But I'm not looking for just anyone. Which is why I ask that you keep this invitation between us.

These truly are "insider" investments—that are not available to the general public. And that's exactly why my friends and I have been able to pocket excellent returns. For example…

1,340% Profits!

A 1,340% return-on-investment in Brazil is just one of many deals shown to my little group of "insiders"…

One time when I negotiated a deal in Brazil, prices were up a full 15% higher than what I paid—within two days of the first day's launch!

One month later, I was showing a 1,340% paper return on my investment.

With the preferential access I had, a unit I could have reserved for a mere $920 was selling a month later for $12,300 more.

But that's just one of many deals I've shown to my little group of "insiders"…

As you can see, an invitation to join this elite group promises great wealth.

But I've only shown you how we made money in the past.

You're interested in making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the months and years ahead.

Which gets me back to my invitation… There are exciting deals shaping up right now. But you won't know about them unless you join me today…

An Elite Service That Spots These Opportunities—And Hands Them to You on a Plate

To have a chance at profiting along with me, I'm inviting you to join my close network or friends, colleagues and investors in a publication I call the Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA).

It's an elite and very private group of readers who have a particular taste for making money…especially overseas…

Let me show you a few deals that might interest you…

Deals you can invest in from the comfort of your own home…

You can decide for yourself if you'd like the opportunity to make money along with us…

The Next HUGE Profit Play in Europe?

Over the years, I've bought more than 10 properties in countries like Ireland, Ecuador, Brazil, Panama and England. And the ones I sold made me thousands of dollars each.

And in the past five years, I've visited dozens of destinations in search of the newest and best opportunities. And I've often taken more than one trip to each of these places.

Last year alone, my team and I spent tens of thousands of dollars on airfare to research these opportunities.

And in all my years as an investor, I've never felt as excited about the opportunities I've recently uncovered…including one that, in recent months, I told RETA members about…

As a real estate investor, I follow the "big ideas" of investment to find our profit opportunity. I trace the market conditions and trends…the big things that will lead to gains, from capital appreciation, rental income, or a mixture of both.

It's a rare event to see multiple big trends converge in one place, and one time. Very rare.

That's exactly the moment I'm following right now in one beach-fringed island, of only 4,200 acres, off the coast of Spain.

This sort of convergence of trends is a seriously rare event. One that has created quite the profit opportunity.

So, if you were to act on my recommendation here, you could have locked down a two-bed condo from €94,000 ($107,191 at today's exchange rate.) Then, when all the inventory is gone, I expect prices will rise to €150,000 ($171,050).

An opportunity to buy at Spain's crisis market pricing is rare these days; a convergence of three trends like this is almost unheard of.

RETA members are set to profit. All from knowing what trends and profit plays to follow.

Crisis Investing—As Used By the "Big Boys"

This deal in Spain is a typical crisis-investing play.

You may have heard of crisis investing, and how it was the basis of some of the substantial fortunes of the last century.

Famous investor Warren Buffett made a lot of money in the 1973-1974 bear market—buying a large stake in Washington Post Company—an investment that later went up 100 times the buying price. He once said, "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful."

Real estate allows for fast wealth building because of all the built-in advantages. You can invest a relatively small amount of money to control a large asset.

When real estate is in a down phase in one region, there are still opportunities to profit elsewhere. It's what made Donald Trump rich. And he owns property all over the world, including Dubai, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

And Sir John Templeton, who ran the Templeton Growth Fund from 1954 to 1992. He was another serious crisis investor, buying into COUNTRIES and companies when, according to his principle, they hit the "point of maximum pessimism."

For example, there was an opportunity in Spain written up in the Wall Street Journal. The headline screamed "On 'Foreclosure Road' in Spain, Bargains Abound." And Investment International proclaimed "Property bargains in Spain up for grabs."

I kind of hate to say this—but we were ahead of them. In one project I recommended to readers in Granada, Spain, prices were discounted by up to 36% off the list price.

These discreet "off-market" prices can expect gross rental yields in the region of 10% for the smallest units…figure 8% after expenses.

And here's where this deal got really good.

The bank offered up to 90% finance on these units with rates as low as 2.5% (this was a variable rate tied to European Interbank rates) and a term of up to 40 years.

You see, I'm not just showing you opportunities EARLIER THAN ANYONE ELSE. I'm telling you exactly how to profit from them…and who to talk to make a deal happen.

It's great to get notice about these opportunities in the paper. But what those publications don't tell you is exactly what to do and who to contact for a chance to make large profits.

But in Real Estate Trend Alert, I do exactly that. And I do it before the mainstream media even gets wind of the story.

While these crisis plays offer huge potential, there's other types of deals that may appeal to you as well. Like one I'm currently tracking in three hours from Miami…

This BIG Opportunity in Is Almost Over!

Just recently I told RETA members about the opportunity we have in one of the most beautiful and pristine coastal areas of Costa Rica. I told that group

"Here you'll find waterfalls, wildlife, and amazing landscapes. It's a beautiful location. Thick, green forest covers jagged mountain peaks that roll down to a coastline of tan-sand beaches.

"You'd imagine that a place like this would be packed with tourists and that property here would command top dollar. But this region is undervalued. You see…until recently it was very difficult to get to.

"Until 2010, when the new coastal highway opened, the drive south from the capital city was a bone-crunching nine hours. That's if it was passable. In rainy season, parts of the roads were regularly washed out.

"Only a few pioneers managed to get here. Most tourists went to other parts of the country that were easier to get to. That lack of access did two things. It kept this area from over-development. And it kept property prices low. And, that was while values and tourist numbers soared in the north of the country.

"All of that has changed. Today, you can drive here from the capital city in three hours. The drive is on a smooth highway. The only distraction is the rich verdant jungle on your left and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean to your right.

"But, tourists are coming—and already homes here rent well. As I write, one home generated a whopping $64,241 in rental income in the last year.

"And, a stand-out deal in this community has just crossed my desk—an opportunity to buy well under true value… A deal like this doesn't come around often.

"It's the resale of a mountain-view lot of 0.5 acres that borders on a stream and protected conservation land. The owner here is seriously motivated and is looking for a quick sale. He's willing to let this lot go for $28,000. Just to give you some idea of just how low that price is, comparable lots nearby are listed for $45,000. That's a saving of $17,000 on what I'd already consider a good price.

"You can build if you want (and target attractive rental yields)…or sit on your lot. There's no build requirement. And, carry costs are low. This community has some of the lowest monthly community fees in Latin America.That deal has passed. It was snapped up almost soon as members of my group heard about it. But I have good news…"

I just got off the phone with a contact on the ground here and there's another deal shaping up—that looks seriously promising—in this place I'm extremely bullish on.

This opportunity promises tremendous profit potential. But you need to act soon. You'll be able to act almost immediately when you're a member of Real Estate Trend Alert.

This is a special situation: An area of deserted soft-sand beaches and virgin rainforest… This place has amazing upside potential… special RETA prices that are as much as 50% less than what someone walking in off the street would pay…and a dramatic trend that we can play into.

I share my "insider information" about this deal in a new report I just put together—as well as telling you where and how to profit in Costa Rica today and in the future. It tells you everything you need to know about this new opportunity… and how you can get in right now. And best of all… this report is free, as part of this special invitation!

It's called: An "Insider" Real Estate Deal In Paradise. In the report I'll share all the details you need to understand this profit opportunity.

The Secret of Secrets

Taking advantage of these deals all comes down to one simple secret: Markets swing from too high to too low. So assets are quite often mis-valued—either upwards or downwards.

Now, if an asset is overvalued, it's hard to guess how much it might come down. 10%, 20%, 50%?

But if an asset is CLEARLY undervalued, chances are the swing back to the norm is going to be substantial.

And right now, after the worldwide boom for years (at clearly unsustainable rates), it means many assets have started to swing WAY to the underpriced side.

And these, my friends, are the only opportunities I pass along to our little group. Safe, secure and potentially very profitable.

Want To Get In The Game Here?

Whether you view the opportunity in Costa Rica as a pure investment destination—or simply a beautiful place to retire—there is now a whole range of golden opportunities available to those in a position to purchase highly discounted properties.

I'll be keeping my very small group of Real Estate Trend Alert members updated on more deals worth grabbing.

Everything You'll Need Within Minutes

As you can imagine, you can't just pick up the phone and call me anytime you want to know about a deal.

My own company is a fee-based service called Pangea, Ltd., a real estate advertising company and International Living's preferred advertising partner.

Our service is only available to a group of hand-picked clients who are willing to invest in our select recommendations.

I spend lots (and lots) of time culling the worthwhile opportunities from the many that don't deserve even a second glance. In fact, I see about 200 potential deals for every one I actually bring to the attention of my Real Estate Trend Alert members.

So, what I'm trying to say is, I'm a busy guy. But there is another way to get the inside scoop on the best real estate deals on the planet at any given time…

I spend my days talking, meeting, and negotiating with developers, brokers, agents, land managers, tax people, the title insurance agent, government officials—in short, "insiders" who can give me the real story on a development."

Most of the time, I'm flying around to check these locations myself first hand. As I said, my team and I spent tens of thousands of dollars in airfare alone last year.

You see I don't just talk about this. I'm an active investor myself. Some of the deals I recommend, I buy them myself! I'm there in the trenches making money along with you.

I've developed a near-flawless approach that accurately pinpoints real estate bull markets while they are still in their early stages…long before most people are even aware of them.

And when I find the best deals, I negotiate non-public "off market" deals with the developers on behalf of my private clients and a select group of individuals who follow the Real Estate Trend Alert.

I need to mention that my company, Pangea, may earn advertising fees on some of the deals I pass along. But Real Estate Trend Alert members always get the best price available. And they always hear about the best deals first. That's my promise. And it's an important one.

Of course, not every opportunity will be right for every investor. But when you do see one you like, it's important to act fast (but prudently, of course-after all—nothing is guaranteed). This isn't the kind of investing where you take your time, and mull over it for a few weeks.

You'll get email "alerts" from me—the fastest, most efficient way I know of getting the information to you.

The Real Estate Trend Alert will give you all the details on how to get in on the investment. Who you need to talk to about down payments, financing, in-country legal help, and everything else that makes the transaction smooth and easy.

Here's How You Do It…

Just remember, acting on just one tip you read about in Real Estate Trend Alert could make you tens of thousands of dollars. That means you DO NOT need to be rich to take advantage of these deals. And you can profit from the comfort of your own home.

And with unrestricted access to my latest research, you can be sure to find the best opportunities ahead of the pack.

Remember, I only pass along opportunities where you could buy low and potentially sell high, safely and easily.

Through email alerts and our members-only website, I keep you up to date on everything I am currently recommending!

This is the stuff you won't read about in your local newspaper…not The New York Times …or even the Wall Street Journal.

Oh—they may mention a hot market. Or an interesting opportunity.

But they don't tell you exactly HOW to make a quick killing off it. With every detail of what you need—contacts and all!

This extremely valuable "insider information" is available only to members of the Real Estate Trend Alert. As a member you'll get:

This information is red hot!

What if just one tip had the potential to make you the kind of money I told you about earlier?

What if you were one of the few to jump on my recommendation and turned your $736 into $43,500?

My hunch is you'd be a pretty happy camper.

Plus A Personal Invitation…

There's something else, too. Several times a year, I arrange special invitations for my Real Estate Trend Alert members to check out the deals I recommend firsthand.

All the details are taken care of. You just get your airline ticket and fly in. Somebody who knows the place well—and who I know and trust—picks you up, gets you settled, and shows you around.

These trips either cost a very small amount—less than $200 for a long weekend away, for instance-or most often have no charge at all. Your meals and overnight stays are taken care of. Most of these exploratory getaways include a cocktail get-together or two and some special activity—like a sunset sail on a yacht. And there's plenty of time for you to just hang out and take it all in.

You enjoy two, three, maybe four days in the sun. Relax. Explore a bit. Ask questions. Poke around. Get to know the developer. See for yourself if the deal on offer suits you.

There's no catch. It's just a really cheap—and smart—and sometimes luxurious way to test-drive a potentially very profitable deal that might interest you. A way to "kick the tires" so to speak.

And even though international travel is off the table right now, we are committed to bringing all the details of each deal to our members…virtually. We make sure that you get an exclusive tour and get to look around each place—online, live, from home. You can ask questions, and get a feel for the place. And when the time is right, you can visit in person.

Everything You Need For Big Profits and Adventure

Real Estate Trend Alert gives you everything you need to take advantage of the very best global real estate investment opportunities available today.

All the research…the hot tips…"insider information" …and the inside story and best pricing delivered to you before the opportunity is even discovered by the general public—if it ever is.

Now—as I'm sure you've realized, that joining this elite group is not cheap.

But it may very well be the best bargain of any of the International Living services available. Just consider the amount of time and money that goes into each of my investigative efforts.

Normally, I'm on the road at least a couple of weeks a month. I spend thousands of dollars a year in hotel rooms and airfare alone. I do it so you don't have to. So you can simply reap the benefits. Safely…from the comfort of your home, if you want…

Other Real Estate Trend Alert members have paid $999 to join and receive a year's worth of picks and insider guidance from me. And truth be told, they were getting a bargain at that price. After all, just one deal could make you that much MANY TIMES OVER.

NO RISK: Join RETA today and get 12 months of picks and insider guidance from me for just $0.82 a day!!

But right now, you don't have to spend anywhere near $999 to take advantage of this private invitation.

You can join Real Estate Trend Alert right now for just $299 per year.

That’s a saving of $700 on the regular membership fee of $999…

And works out to just under $0.82 per day…

Most people spend four times that on their morning coffee. But coffee doesn’t help you grow your wealthy, and live a freer, more fulfilling life.

Whereas, your Real Estate Trend Alert membership could…

Now remember, this is a confidential invitation I'm sharing with a select group of readers and I can't say when I'll extend it again.

So I encourage you to take me up on it today. The clock is ticking. There's no risk to you for your membership. And this is a huge savings on a very valuable service. I expect the response to this invitation will be quick and enthusiastic.

If that is indeed the case, well…we'll have to think hard about limiting the number of members we can accept with a special deal like this one. After all, the whole idea is that this remain an exclusive group.

But right now we're making this service available to you for an incredible $299 a year.

But it gets better…

Still Not Good Enough? Try This…

To make it as easy as possible for you, I'm offering a quarterly option for just $99

Now, if that price sounds too expensive, then you may want to give this a pass. Let's face it; our elite network just may not be right for you.

If you aren't able to act on an opportunity when it's presented to you, it may be that the timing isn't right for you to become a member of Real Estate Trend Alert.

Or maybe you're just not interested in making money. That's OK.

This service is for the smart investor who wants the opportunity to make serious money by taking advantage of special situations before they become common knowledge.

But if you try it and don't like it? Guess what? You can just get your money back on your subscription—it's 100% guaranteed for 90 days.

So if this does sound like what you want, here's what you need to do next…

Simply join us as a trial member of Real Estate Trend Alert—take the quarterly option if you like, and you'll have full access for the next three months, plenty of time to see if it's right for you.

Along with your membership, you'll also get an exclusive FREE copy of the special report An "Insider" Real Estate Deal In Paradise…as soon as your order is processed.

I only ask that you take a trial subscription to Real Estate Trend Alert today.


I'll send you all the research and this current recommendation without delay. In a brief report you'll get all the inside details on this opportunity—arguably the most exciting opportunity available today.

You'll get it as my gift to you for trying the Real Estate Trend Alert. And no matter what, it's yours to keep and use.

After you read the report, you'll have the information you need to act.

And you'll also be able to judge the kinds of reports you can expect in the months ahead as a member of the Real Estate Trend Alert. More importantly, you'll get the opportunity to decide for yourself if this is something you find value in.

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